Golden Opportunity: Over 11,000 Education Jobs Available in Saudi Arabia

Teaching Jobs in Saudi Arabia


The Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia has recently unveiled an array of exciting job opportunities within the educational sector, totaling an impressive 11,551 positions. These openings are available for both male and female candidates on contractual terms.

The diverse array of specialties in demand includes Chemistry, Maths, Physics, Computer Science, English, and Management. The primary objective behind these opportunities is to appoint highly qualified and capable educational staff who can significantly enhance the efficiency and productivity of the education system, thus boosting global competitiveness.

If you are eager to seize one of these enticing job opportunities, the application process is streamlined through the unified national employment platform called Jadara. The application window opens on 25th July at 9 am and remains open until 30th July at 11 pm, giving aspiring candidates ample time to submit their applications.

Adding to the country’s innovative approach to education, the Saudi Education Ministry made a groundbreaking announcement in May. To foster a good attitude among students towards space sciences, it has been agreed to incorporate earth and space sciences in secondary school curricula. This forward-thinking initiative was prompted by the successful 10-day mission of two Saudi Astronauts to the International Space Station, which served as an inspiration to the nation.

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Aspiring applicants should ensure they meet the necessary requirements for their desired role, which may include possessing a university degree in a relevant field or holding a domestic equivalent degree. Meeting these criteria will increase their chances of securing one of these coveted positions within the education sector.