Multiple Jobs In Canada

Jobs in Canada


Canadian official website publish verified jobs daily.  The minimum qualification required for some jobs is high school education. Along with that degree of experience of 2 years is also preferred.

If you have no experience you can still apply but companies will prefer those who have experience .these jobs are on a contract basis. duty hours in these jobs are 9 to 5 . These are well-paid jobs a company will pay a handsome amount of salary to the employer.

Pay package

The pay package for the jobs given below will differ from  12 to 20 per hour depending upon the job. If one will do over an hour, then the company will pay an extra amount.  Over time package is 10$ per hour. This will give a great opportunity to the hard work to make more money in less duration of time.

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Form worker

Store boy



Factory worker

Welders and many more


  • Usually companies will give housing allowance or residence allowances.
  • Hospitality is free for workers .
  • Convince allowance are also provide to workers.
  •  Worker will also facilitated with travelling allowance .

Age limit

Candidates are required to have an age limit between 25 to 45


*Candidate who is willing for the job must send us

  • Domicile certificate
  • Matric or FSC clearance certificate
  • Character certificate from previous institute
  • Original id card with tested copies of id card
  • Internship or experience certificate
  • Cv

Rules and Regulations of the company

The company have some rules which employers will have to follow

The employer must arrive on time and leave the office after duty hours. The employer must enter the office with a proper uniform. Use of social media or extra activity on mobile phones is not allowed during duty hours. As we mention above that this job is on a contract base so within the period during our contract employees are not allowed to leave the job or sign another contract. Not even he or she is allowed to  do a part-time job with another company

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