Canadian immigration procedure

Canada Immigration Procedure

According to Canadian immigration laws, Pakistani nationals are required to obtain a visa from the Canadian High Commission for Canada to apply for a Canadian visa application center in Islamabad, Lahore.
Canada mainly issues two types of visas.

  •  Temporary Resident Visa
  •  Permanent Resident Visa.

Temporary resident visas are of three types depending on the duration.

Single entry visa
This visa expires only once you enter Canada.

Multiple visas
These visas may be customized as many times as you wish.

Transit visa
These visas are issued for a few hours from Canada to those traveling to another country.

Types of Temporary Canadian Resident Visas

There are three types of temporary Canadian temporary visas.

  •  Visit Visas
  •  Work permit
  • Study Permits
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Canada Visit Visas

A visit visa is issued for visiting purposes, which lasts up to six months.

You need to be qualified as a tourist to Canada and have plenty of money to cover your expenses. There will be documentary proof of bank statements and property papers.

If your Canadian sponsor is also taking responsibility for your tour expenses, then there may be a visa without a lengthy statement.

When granting a visitor visa, the visa officer has to confirm that the visitor will return to the office within a certain period of time. If you prove your strong economic and social relations with Pakistan, then visa will confirm without an interview.

If you understand these two points and come across them, then neither country will be a problem for you visa. Having a strong economic relationship with your country means staying here, having a property, a business or a good job.

The other point is strong family relationships, it means that you have a regular family in Pakistan without which you cannot stay outside and you have to come back. That means mom, dad, sister. Brothers and wives, children, etc. So the chances of getting married visas are always higher than for singles.

There are three types of visit visas ahead. These include tourist visas, child-related visas, and business visas.

Documents Required for Canadian  immigration for Visit Visa

  •  First of all, you need a passport with a minimum of six months’ duration.
  • Two passport photocopies
  •  Multiple images (according to the embassy instructions)
  •  Filled Visa forms
  • Visa form imm5257 from the Canadian High Commission website,
  • Download and download the Family Information Form imm5645 and the Statutory Declaration of Common Law imm5409.
  •  If you want to get a visa application center with you, take the Representative Form imm5476.
  •  Fill up all these forms on the computer and print out. Fill out the form well ‘Don’t leave any blank and write N/A in front of a question that is not relevant to you.
  •  Enter the information in the form where you have documented evidence that ‘incomplete application or incorrect information may delay the visa release’. The application may be returned or rejected.
  • You can also fill up these forms by visiting the Visa Application Center, where you can get support, which is charged from Rs. 3000 to 5,000.
  • Spouses and children are together so they can apply on the same form. ۔
  • Sponsor letter explaining the purpose of the visit.
  • Your full tour program (i.e. how many days to go and what to watch)
  • Marriage certificate issued from NADRA, if married, if their children have their birth certificates (certified)
  • Certified copies of bank statements and property papers proof, ie, NTN, membership of the Chamber of Commerce (if any)
  • Job Certificate (Service Card & Seller Slip, etc.)
  • Hotel Booking and Return Ticket (No hotel reservation required if stay with a host)
  •  Visa fee hundred Canadian dollars will be charged approximately Pakistani rupees 8,000, processing fee of Rs 3300 and a biometric fee of Rs 8500 in the visa application center.
  • According to the Application Toolkit at the Center, your visa application will be submitted only after the documents have been completed.

Note: manual visa applications are not submitted to the Canadian High Commission, where you will be allowed to enter if you have been called for a visa interview.

Business Visitor Visa

If you are going to Canada to attend a business meeting, conference or exhibition, Business Visitors will provide visas. For this, all the documents will be the same. The business letter will be replaced by the business letter of the sponsor. And you will need all the business documents.

Canadian Visa Application Centers

There are Canada visa application centers in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad in Pakistan.
You can find more information about this at Their helpline is 0518439344.

Note: According to Canadian Immigration Rules, a temporary resident visa does not guarantee that you will be allowed to enter Canada, but the Canadian Border Services Agency officials at Canadian Airport will make the final decision.

They will assess whether you meet the eligibility requirements in Canada. Applying for a visa can mean a change in circumstances in the middle of landing at a Canadian airport or upon receiving a notification that the visa officer was not available can refuse entry. They also have the option of reducing the stay. However, this is only the case in specific situations and stress cases.

Medical test

After submitting the application, you may be asked to undergo a medical test, which will contain all the information in the letter sent to the visa officer; however, it is not required for all visitors. In the case of medical tests, the visa-issuance process can be delayed up to 3 months.

The process after applying for a visa

If your application kit is complete and meets the required criteria, the visa application will take twenty-one days; the maximum will be dealt with by issuing or rejecting a visa within two months.

In the meantime, a document is required ‘if the certification is required or medical examination is required the visa officer will inform you. If your request is approved, your passport will be returned with a visa.

In case of rejection, a refusal letter will also be sent along with the passport. During this process, you will be informed of the date and time the visa officer decided to interview you to further test your eligibility.

Visa Interview

The candidate for a visa interview is called the Canadian High Commission Islamabad, for whom you must not be allowed to enter without having to carry an interview letter.

During the interview, the visa officer will ask you for clarification. You only give the answers that are fact-based and are listed on the visa form. No need to panic as visas are issued to the majority of the candidates called for a visa interview.

After arriving at the Canadian Airport

The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) officer at the Canadian Airport will welcome you and ask you for your passport and travel documents.

Keep the paperwork you need and make sure that it is not stored inside while traveling.

Upon seeing the passport and travel documents, the officer will ask you a few questions that will determine whether you will return after a certain period of time or intend to stay here for any other purpose.

Providing satisfactory answers will give you entry.

Extending Visiting Visa Expiration

Visa visas may be extended after arriving in Canada. You have to apply there. In the application form, you will need to provide solid reasons for the extension and attach the relevant documents.

You can also change your status, eg if a visitor goes there and wants to enroll in a short course, the status will change however the required course duration should be less than 6 months and one month before your first visa expires. To be able to apply. It will also require a $75 Canadian fee.

Work permit

Every year, more than 90,000 foreign workers travel to Canada to work temporarily, helping to meet the labor requirements of Canadian companies and industrial development.

To obtain this visa, a temporary resident visa is required, along with the work permit, which can last up to 3 years.

The company or company that needs your services will receive feedback on the labor market from Human Resources and Skilled Development Canada after assessing your eligibility.

It will be decided whether a foreigner can be placed on this job. It is also called the Labor Market Surveyor Lumia. In case of positive, a work permit will be issued which will be sent to the embassy along with the candidate visa.

The work permit visa fee is $ 150. Remember that the Canada Recruitment Fee will cover the ‘placement fee’ and travel costs associated with the employer. Workers are forbidden to pay this and if any Recruitment Agent receives these fees it will be illegal.

Study permit

The quality of Canadian educational institutions is not lower than that of any developed country and is recognized worldwide. Nevertheless, the cost of education here is lower than in other countries, which is why every year, more than half a million students come here to study for education. Studying in Canada requires a study permit