Australian immigration without a job offer

Australian immigration

In this article I will discuss Australian immigration, like Canada, Australia also has a large immigration program. The specialty of this program is that you
can apply without a job offer or any contact.

You Do not need any agent or visa consultant. On such a visa, you get PR.  In this way you can live in Australia for a lifetime, you can also invite your families to Australia and can do any job there.

Who can get Australian immigration?

In the Australian immigration program, since 2017, Each year a quota of one Lac ninety thousand is
allocated, out of which 128550 quotas are given to those who are skilled. out of these 128550, 48000 seats
are allocated for applicants who have Job offers. And remaining 43000 seats are for the skilled independent visa
subclass (applicants without job offers).

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Similarly, one more quota of 28000 seats is allocated for applicants who apply through the provincial nominee program (without sponsorship).

The remaining quota is allocated for businessmen, investors, families migrations, and special eligibility criteria.

How to apply for Australian visa

Basically these are permanent residency visas. You get the PR and you can permanently stay in

We are discussing here two types of visas:

  1. Skilled independent subclass 189
  2. Skilled nominated class 190

A list of various occupations is available on their website. To see the full list of skilled occupations and full detail click the link below.

These are that occupation, which has a lot of vacancies. Their requirements are also available on the
website. You can also see that which visa can be applied for which occupation. You will have to apply
according to your qualification and experience.

Accessing authority for each occupation and visa is very important. List of all accessing authorities can
be taken from the following link.
Click here to access the  list of eligible skilled occupations

In this link, their name along with a link to their portal is available.

You will apply through the online portal of accessing authorities. Basically, they will ask you for documentation, qualification, and experience. Then they will check whether you are eligible for this job or not. They send you report along
with a code which is very important.

You will also have to pay some fee. Every authority has a different fee structure. You can also check your eligibility for a particular job on the accessing authority's portal.

After all this, you can apply online through their website.

First of all, you will have to create immi profile and then submit an expression of interest. After few
months, your profile is checked. This actually a points-based system. You are awarded points. If
you get 60 or more points then you are selected. Afterward, an invitation to apply is sent to you after
which you can apply to embassy for visa.