Top Countries With Highest Salary Expectation


Whenever someone wants to go abroad, a monthly salary is considered first.  Then conditions, environment, and behavior of people is reviewed.  Therefore, many people are confused about selecting the country.

In this article, we will discuss one by one each country to determine which country is best for Pakistanis to earn.

People are earning US$150-200 in the US, working as drivers on Uber and Careem. It means they are earning 20,000 to 25,000 PKR per day and approximately 900,000 PKR per month.

If they work in a restaurant or mall, they earn US$12-14 per hour, which is 4 to 5 Lac monthly.


Although there is a lot of money in the US, there are neither enough employment opportunities nor the conditions are suitable for foreigners.  Donald Trump has made the life of immigrants difficult in US.

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Immigrants are now leaving the US. If they are compared to Japan or Korea, there are also plenty of opportunities and respect as well. Their foreigners also get insurance, medical facilities are also available and arrangements are also made for their residence.

If we look at income, initially, the common worker earns 2-2.5 Lac monthly. After some time they start earning 3-4 lacs per month.

Korea and Japan:

Workers in Korea and Japan are not exploited, they get all according to the agreement.

Unlike Saudi Arabia and UAE,  There is no blackmailing and cruelty of work. Korea free visas are announced in Pakistan every year.

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 Saudi Arabia

There was a time when the less educated people had great charm in the gulf But now there is nothing left there. After the Saudization policy started in Saudi Arabia, jobs have already decreased. Similarly, the cruel Kafeel system is horrifying as well. If moving towards salary,  that will be hardly 1 or 2 lacs.

United Arab Emirates

UAE is comparatively better than KSA to live.  Even their businesses are under severe crisis.  Pay of unskilled workers I’d now only 50,000 to 100,000 PKR.  However, UAE is a better option for earning than KSA and Qatar.


Wages in Qatar are limit as well, and they Don’t get their pay on time. Like Saudi Arabia, Passports are also confiscated, So you can not even think about getting back home.

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People Ask suggestions about earnings in Malaysia. If you get a visa of a good company in Malaysia, it is better than to stay unemployed in Pakistan. Keep fifty thousand to one lac monthly salaries in your mind, keeping expenses aside.

However,  life there is not difficult,  conditions are better, you live a respectable life and do a respectful job.  Moreover,  Malaysian visa processing is also easy.


Now, we will discuss Europe, which can be no doubt, a good choice, if your education is good and resources are available. It is better to get European visa/immigration.

You can earn at least 0.3 M monthly in Canada,  Germany, Italy and France