Get Turkish citizenship in three easy ways

Turkey is developed European country.  It is very close friend of Pakistan. After tight situation in gulf, Our people have increased their attention towards Turkey. There are also employment opportunities in Turkey.

Turkish lira Value  is good as well.  Due to political tensions after the last few months, the Lira currency was definitely in danger, but now the situation is quite stable.  Currently the value of Lira is equal to ~27 PKR.

Turkish passport has a value in world. On Turkish visa,  you can visit 80 counties without advance visa.

If we talk about immigration law,  Pakistani citizens can also legally hold dual Citizenship. Therefore, Pakistan citizens like to go turkey for education,  job and residence. Henceforth, they get citizenship after staying there for a particular time period.

How to get Turkish citizenship

The first and basic way to get Turkey’s citizenship is the pursuit of education and employment. There are international-style educational institutions and jobs in Turkey. If you go to study or work there and extend your permit repeatedly then after  5 years you will be eligible to apply for Turkey’s citizenship

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What are the conditions to get Turkish citizenship

  • Your attitude should be good
  • You should not be involved in any police case
  • Your health should also be good
  •  You must have  basic English language skill

How to get Turkish visa

For details visit the Turkish website Here

Click here to download Visa form (Download Link)

You can get Turkish citizenship through marriage.  This can be done by inviting your spouse in your country or by going yourself there.

If you get married in your country then, you will  registered it in Turkish Council. After that, it is compulsory for both to spend 3 years together in turkey.

If a boy or girl goes to turkey for marriage then, they will get one year permit for residency, which will be renewed further.  After 3 years in turkey,  they can apply for Turkish citizenship.

Second and fastest way to get Turkish citizenship is citizenship through investment.

You Do not need to stay in turkey for 3 or 6 years because it’s the game of money.  Turkish government has made it easier by reducing the cost if investment.

There are 3-4 options in this program.  First of all, buy a property worth 0.25 M in Turkey, Which you will not be able to sell for three to four years.

The first price was $1 million, which is now being modified. Citizens can now buy it easily.

Another way is to invest $ 2 Million  in any Turkish company.

Last option is to deposit 3 million dollars in any Turkish bank. In addition, you can do a business in Turkey, which could provide employment to 100 Turkish citizens. Even then, you will be eligible to apply for the citizenship of turkey. For all these ways of investment,  you fill three bonds. You can not transact money from them till 3 Years.