Qatar work visas

Qatar work visa

Qatar is one of the top world countries, for its jobs and income, where thousands of the foreigner are working.

There are 36000 foreigners working in Qatar. Many of them are Indians and Pakistanis.

The Visa policy of Qatar is very friendly. One of the examples of a Qatar visa is a visa on arrival. Pakistani and Indians can go to Qatar without getting a visa in advance., free 30 days visa is given to them which is called a visa on arrival.

Moreover, this visa can be extended up to 30 days.

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FIFA World Cup 2022 is going to be held in Qatar. Which is no doubt a megaproject. Furthermore, Qatar needs manpower to complete its projects on time. For this purpose, the Qatar government is signing contracts for manpower with many different countries.

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Qatar government has signed the contracts with Pakistan Government that they will hire 100000 Pakistanis in different jobs. These 100000 people include educated, skilled workers and non-skilled workers as well. Recently Qatar government has started practically following the agreement.

Qatar government has announced that 20 visa centers will be set up in 8 countries. These 8 counties include Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Srilanka, India, Philippines, Indonesia, and Teunis.

Two visa centers in two cities of Pakistan i.e Islamabad and Karachi has been inaugurated. Where Qatar visa will be issued to 100000 Pakistanis. And these visa centers in Pakistan will make the work permit visa processing easy and faster.

Qatar government confirms that Qatar visa centers in any of the 8 countries will be responsible for the processing of Qatar visas.

What are the Requirements for Qatar job visa?

  • Job offer contact because you need to have a job contract for job visa.
  • Biometric verification or fingerprints.
  • Photograph for identification
  • Medical check: it includes tests of HIV, AIDs and various lethal diseases, eye check-up, physical examination, blood tests and X-ray.

How to get a job in Qatar?

There are different agencies proving Jon’s to foreigners. The first one is OEC (Pakistan overseas employment cooperation) which is already started registration for the FIFA World Cup.

Registered persons with this corporation will get visas. Hopefully, registration will be open again. Free visa is provided via OEC.

Second is the Pakistan Bureau of immigration and overseas employment. Please visit their profile for further details.

Be careful if you apply through any agents or promoters because they charge you an extra amount other than required for the application.

There is also an online recruitment agency for Qatar jobs where you can apply online such as. Qatar living, Doha careers, gulf talent, master gulf, career jet.

You can also go to Qatar on a visa on arrival, you can extend your visa as well for a month. And then search for a job for yourself.