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Canada new immigration program for less educated people

    Canada new immigration programs

    The Canadian government has announced a new program for middle-class jobs in rural areas.

    The major aim of this program is to fulfil the need for workers in middle-class jobs in rural areas and to reduce the decline in the population of rural areas of Canada.

    This program is named as rural and northern immigration pilot program.

    Canadian immigration minister Ahmed Hussian announced this program. He believes that in
    current immigration programs, all the immigrants who come to Canada for job purpose prefer big
    cities. Approximately 2/3 of Canadian immigrants reside in big cities of Canada.

    This led to the population decline in rural areas ( towns) in Canada as well as a labour shortage. the leaders of small
    community and towns in Canada were demanding that some necessary steps should be taken by the federal
    government to overcome labour shortage and population decline. So the federal government has
    announced this special program. The time period for this program is 5 years.

    Who can apply in this program

    Small communities and small towns or rural areas in only 8 provinces or territories can take part in this
    program. These 8 provinces or territories who need workers have to submit an application before 1 March
    2019 to the Canadian government.

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    Then the government will review whether these communities are able to settle foreigners and support workers who will come here for a job.

    Selected Communities / Towns

    1. Alberta
    2. British Columbia
    3. Manitoba
    4. Northwest Territories
    5. Nunavut
    6. Ontario
    7. Saskatchewan
    8. Yukon

    Eligibility criteria

    The government will consider different things in selecting the communities and towns for this program.
    These include the population of communities, distance from big cities, Development plan, job
    opportunities, basic facilities like healthcare, education, transportation system, etc

    When the program will be launched

    After reviewing all these things communities and towns will be selected so that that can select worked
    for their business through this program.

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    According to the Canadian government, until spring 2019, communities will be selected who will participate in this program in the future.

    In summer 2019 this permanent residency program will be properly launched.

    The government will give permanent residency to the families of the foreign workers who will be selected
    under this program.

    This is a five years pilot program. Hopefully, each community will welcome approximately 3000 foreign workers.

    The important things are that as this program is for rural areas for middle-class jobs so less educated persons can apply for this job.

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    Although the process of applying is not yet published. However, it is attributed to the Atlantic Immigration pilot program. It means you should have experience. And experience should be in your field of qualification. You should have passed the Ielets exam because it is a permanent residency program.

    Low bands Ielets can also be accepted as these are middle-class jobs for less educated people. If you are serious about this program and you want to apply then, you should access your education which is called ECA.