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Canada immigration programs

    Canada immigration

    Canadian immigration programs are the best option to get  Canada Visa, if you are willing to go to Canada don’t miss the chance.

    The Canadian government often officially announced jobs for skilled workers, which means preference was given to skilled workers.
    70 to 80 options of Canadian immigrants programs are available.

    Most of these programs can be applied without a job offer. We will discuss different immigration programs in detail. So that you will get an idea that which program is suitable according to your qualification.

    Canadian visa through Express entry for permanent residency

    The first program of the Canadian immigration program is Express entry permanent residency which is
    run by the federal government.

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    Here are three categories of this immigration program.

    1. Federal skilled worker class
    2. Federal skilled trade class
    3. Canadian experience class

     Federal skilled workers program

    The first and foremost program is the federal, skilled workers program. Skilled workers can apply to this
    program without a job offer. This program is run by the express entry. 52 % of people were selected in
    this program in 2018. This program is available from the federal government.

    Provincial nominees program

    Apart from the federal government, provincial governments also run many Canadian immigration
    programs that are called provincial nominee programs aka PNP. Nine Canadian provinces and
    two territories take part in this program.

    Every province can select skilled workers, investors, and workers from different categories under the PNP program.

    The new target of candidates for the provincial nominee’s program is 61000 people for 2019.

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    So the summary of the whole discussion is that there are two main Canadian immigration

    1. Express entry program
    2. provincial nominees program

    Express entry program which runs under the federal government. and the provincial nominee’s program runs under the provincial government.

    How to select immigration programs:

    Now we will discuss that which program should we select, whether we should select Express
    entry program or Provincial Nominee.

    In order to decide which programs should you go for. Visit the Canadian immigration website.

    You will find NOC, based on your qualification, diploma, and experience select the job and
    paste it in the search bar then see the filter results. code, the name of the job, and the level of the job are
    important for selecting a program.

    Based on the level ( A, B, C, and D) you can select which Canadian
    immigration program you can select.

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    The person selecting Level A and B jobs can apply in express entry program while one with level C
    and D jobs can apply in the provincial nominee program.

    There are 11 regions in provincial nominee each having different programs.

    For express entry, there is a tool in the website to check eligibility criteria. By selecting it, it will ask few
    questions like nationality, age, English language skills, family members, education, work
    experience and job offer (if any)

    If the website shows that if you are eligible then create an express entry profile.
    The express entry program ranks the profile based on qualification, work experience, etc, and gives
    points. Last year invitation to apply was given to a profile scoring 439 points. It means that
    selected candidates get an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residency.