How to get a Canadian work permit from outside of Canada?

Canadian work permit

Canada is a country that welcomes immigrants from all over the world. It has a lot of opportunities for foreigners to come and dig their roots.
This article will focus on some basic steps so that you will get a work permit if you currently live abroad.

You must read about how to get a Canadian work visa before coming here.
“Writing an Academic Job Letter can be quite challenging for most people although it is an easy task once you understand how it needs to be done. Writing such letters may seem intimidating at first but it is important to know everything about them and follow the types of Canadian work permits and how to get them?

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There are two main types of work permits granted by the federal government of Canada, these are:

#1. Temporary Work Permit (Employer specific)

This kind is for foreign workers who want to come and work in Canada for a specific employer. They must have an employment offer from that particular company.

The worker will be issued with this permit only if they meet all the conditions required by the Employer, such as job position, salary level, the location where the foreigner will operate, and others.

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The validity period for this type is at most two years but can be extended or shortened upon request if necessary. This permit does not require any medical examinations or insurance coverage because it offers security to both the Canadian resident and worker looking for a job outside of Canada.

#2. Open Work Permit

An open work permit is essentially a regular working visa that permits the bearer to work for any Canadian employer.

The main benefit of the open work permit is that there are no conditions placed upon it (no requirement to keep students gainfully employed, etc.) and it has no restriction on the number of nominative jobs the bearer can get while under its umbrella.

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More about Open Work Visa or Open Work Permit:

This type of employment status allows people to live and work in Canada without restriction. This permit does not limit its holders to one line of work or profession; A person holding an open post-graduate work permit cannot be accompanied by dependents.

How to get a Canadian Work permit?

Work permits are issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

Employment of foreign personnel falls under the jurisdiction of Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSCD) via Service Canada. The application process can be lengthy, so it is best to start early. There are several steps involved in the application procedure:

  1. Employers must post an advertisement on their company website/ intranet, notifying potential employees that they are hiring for the specific job position(s) with an intended duration of two years or more. Applicants will send resumes directly to the employer who posted the job advertisement.
  2. CIC will conduct an initial screening process of submitted resumes based on criteria set by the employer.
  3. CIC assesses submitted resumes to determine if they meet the requirements of Canada’s immigration law, which includes an examination of foreign qualification credentials, education documents, and work experience letters. Only qualified applicants will proceed to assessment for the LMIA process.
  4. An official job offer is given by the Canadian company/employer after An official job offer is given by the Canadian company/employer after all documents are submitted by the employer and the potential employee(s).
  5. The LMIA is finally granted at this stage of the process, which means that a positive final assessment has been made on all qualified applicants in the workflow pool.
  6. A work permit (WP) is issued to eligible employees after successful completion of the immigration process, including medical exams and background verification.
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