How to get Canada Visitor Visa?

Canada Visitor Visa


The application process for Canadian immigration is pretty lengthy, but there are two different work visas available to you through the Canadian immigration system.

Who needs a Visitor visa in Canada?

If your partner or common-regulation accomplice needs to accompany you to Canada, he/she should apply for a visitor visa (temporary resident visa). This allows him/her to enter and stay in Canada during the period of validity of the approved work permit (work permit holder) or study permit that their foreign national partner has received.

The visitor visa can be applied for at any time prior to entering Canada, provided that all other admissibility requirements are met by the applicant.

This article explains how an individual may obtain this type of visa so as to visit his or her family members who live in Canada. An individual may also apply for this visa if his or her spouse or common-law partner is applying for an immigration application under the Live-in Caregiver Program, the Spousal Sponsorship category, etc. Applicants who wish to study in Canada will also find the relevant information useful.

How to apply for a visitor visa?

Here is step by step guide:

There are many regulations surrounding temporary resident visa applications that can be quite complicated and cause unnecessary delays, especially when an individual needs his/her visitor visa quickly due to work commitments, illness of family member in Canada, etc. While it is not possible to cover all regulations here (due to their complexity), this article provides some practical tips on how to ensure fast processing of your application by Canadian Immigration Visa Officers. This article should serve as a checklist that you can go through before finalizing your application, to avoid unnecessary delay.

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Applicants should note that there is no guarantee their application will be processed faster (although steps taken by the applicant to demonstrate the intention to return home after visiting Canada will all help in reducing grounds for refusal of visa applications). Please consult Canadian Embassy or Consulate-General if you have concerns about eligibility for entry into Canada or any technical questions regarding visa processing.

Step 1: Complete Online Non-Immigrant Visa Application Form

It is important that applicants complete every section of the online form accurately and provide full details, including duration of stay in Canada, itinerary in Canada, etc., in order to enable immigration officers to process the application as quickly as possible.

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If unsure about any aspect of the form, click on the Help icon by the question to read information online, or if you need help contact your nearest Embassy or Consulate-General.

If necessary, applicants can complete and print a paper version of the application form and send it along with supporting documents to their nearest Visa Application Centre (VAC) where they will be assisted in filling out an electronic version of the application. It is important that applicants re-read instructions given at various sections of the form to avoid errors.

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Step 2: Answer all questions

Step 3: Fill out Canadian address

a. Applicant’s home address in Canada, if any (this is optional)

. b. Applicant’s work or student address in Canada, if any (this is also optional)

 c. If the applicant does not have a home or work/student address in Canada, they must enter “NONE”

  1. Please answer all questions on page 1 of the application form
  2. Be sure to provide an email address for faster processing
  3. You can leave blank pages 2 through 18 4. Make sure to sign page 19 5. Do not forget your Dependant applications that are required for each family member listed on the main application 6 . Please note that Minors under 16 years old need.

    How much does it cost?

    The fee for a Visitor Visa must be paid using either a debit card or credit card issued under a name other than that of the applicant. The fees non -refundable and must be in Canadian Dollars.
    If you are not eligible for a TRV, we encourage you to apply for a visitor visa at your local Visa Application Center (VAC). See services for more information on how to find the VAC nearest you. If you have been refused a refugee protection hearing will be held before the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada within 15 calendar days from when an application is filed.
    If you are applying for a student or work permit, do not pay the fee until you are sure abou it.
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Payment of an application fee does not guarantee that you will be issued a study or work permit. The final decision is always made by an officer.

Canada visa fees processing time 

 A Visitor Visa lets you travel to Canada as a temporary visitor for business or pleasure.  A visitor visa is only valid for six months from the date of entry into Canada.

 You may apply to visit our country every ten years but your visa will expire six months after your last day in Canada so be sure to plan accordingly.

You must have at least $100 available funds per month on which taxes will be paid.
If the applicant is a dependent of a visitor, supplementary documents must be provided to show that they will leave Canada at the end of their visit and return to the person they came with. The supplementary document should confirm:
that you have enough money to support yourself and any dependants while in Canada, and
a) That you will leave Canada when your spouses or partners ends his/her temporary stay; b) If applicable, that you will get proper schooling or training so that you can find work after your spouse or partner has gone home; c) That you agree not to take any employment in Canada.  Your application may also be refused if it cannot confirm that you will leave Canada within the allowed period.