Now You can go to Canada, without a Job Offer, without Ielts, (PEI PNP) 2024

Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP

About the PEI PNP:

The PEI PNP is a provincial immigration program designed to attract skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and international graduates to Prince Edward Island, Canada. The program offers several streams, each with its own eligibility requirements and selection process.

Pakistani and UAE ex-pats with the following qualifications may be eligible for the PEI PNP:

  • Skilled workers: If you have work experience in an occupation that is in demand in Prince Edward Island, you may be eligible to apply through the Express Entry or Business Impact categories.

Skilled worker Prince Edward Island

  • Entrepreneurs: If you have a business idea and the financial resources to invest in Prince Edward Island, you may be eligible to apply through the Entrepreneur stream.
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Entrepreneur Prince Edward Island

  • International graduates: If you have graduated from a Canadian university or college, you may be eligible to apply through the Graduate Internship or Ph.D. Graduate streams.

International graduate Prince Edward Island

Benefits of immigrating to Prince Edward Island:

  • Prince Edward Island is a beautiful and friendly province with a high quality of life.
  • The cost of living is relatively low compared to other parts of Canada.
  • The province has a strong economy with a growing job market.
  • The PEI PNP is a relatively fast and easy way to immigrate to Canada.

Prince Edward Island PNP Eligibility Points and Employer Requirements:

Understanding both points and employer requirements are crucial for a successful PEI PNP application. Here’s a breakdown:

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PEI PNP Eligibility Points:

The PEI PNP uses a point-based system to assess candidates across various streams. Your total score determines your position in the Expression of Interest (EOI) pool, influencing invitation chances. Points are typically awarded for:

  • Human Capital Factors: Age, education, work experience, language skills (English or French).
  • PEI-Specific Factors: Connection to PEI (e.g., past studies, relatives), prior work experience in PEI.
  • Additional Factors: Adaptability, proposed settlement plan, entrepreneurial skills (for specific streams).

Eligibility requirements and point allocation vary across streams:

  • Skilled Worker: Requires a job offer, two years experience, valid education, and minimum CLB 4 language score. Points are awarded for higher education, longer experience, younger age, and stronger language skills.
  • Express Entry: For Express Entry candidates with a job offer in PEI. Scoring similar to Skilled Worker, with additional points for Express Entry profile details.
  • Business Impact: Requires business ownership, investment, and job creation. Points are awarded based on investment amount, job creation plans, and business feasibility.
  • Graduate Internship: For recent graduates from PEI universities. Points are awarded for program duration, relevance to the labor market, and language skills.
  • Ph.D. Graduate: For Ph.D. graduates with research experience in PEI. Points awarded for research achievements, publications, and connection to PEI institutions.
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PEI PNP Employer Requirements:

  • Employers must be legally registered in PEI and actively operating.
  • They must demonstrate a genuine need for the foreign worker and an inability to fill the position with Canadian or permanent residents.
  • They must offer a full-time, permanent job in an eligible occupation (specific lists by stream).
  • They must meet advertising and recruitment requirements set by the PEI PNP.
  • They must offer a salary and benefits package competitive with the local market.


  • Employers must register with the PEI PNP and submit a Job Offer Form detailing the position and employment terms.
  • They may be required to provide additional documentation to support the job offer and their hiring process.

How to apply:

If you are interested in applying for the PEI PNP, you can create an Expression of Interest profile online. Once you have submitted your profile, you will be placed in a pool of candidates. If your profile is selected, you will be invited to apply for a provincial nomination.

Here are some additional resources that you may find helpful:

  • PEI PNP website
  • How to create an Expression of Interest profile: Click here
  • List of in-demand occupations in Prince Edward Island: Click here


  • PEI PNP website
  • Point grids for different streams: Points
  • Employer guide for the PEI PNP: P

Remember, eligibility and point requirements can change, so always refer to the official PEI PNP website for the latest information. Pdf